Class LocationBean

  extended by com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.GenericBean
      extended by com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.GeometryBean
          extended by com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.LocationBean
All Implemented Interfaces:
JPAGeometryInterface, JPAInterface,, java.lang.Comparable
Direct Known Subclasses:
LocationRow, NavteqPoiBean

public abstract class LocationBean
extends GeometryBean

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.GeometryBean
searchTolerance, sridPrecision, wktLocation, wktMBR, wktShape
Fields inherited from class com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.GenericBean
_logger, DELETE, EDIT, NEW, READ, serialVersionUID
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  java.lang.Long getLocationId()
          In the implementing @Entity class this getter must be associated with the @Id annotation representing the primary key.
abstract  java.lang.String getName()
abstract  java.lang.Long getType()
abstract  void setLocationId(java.lang.Long locationId)
abstract  void setName(java.lang.String name)
abstract  void setType(java.lang.Long type)
Methods inherited from class com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.GeometryBean
getArea, getBasicGeometryType, getGeom, getGeomDimensions, getGeomNumPoints, getGeomType, getGType, getHeight, getLength, getRange, getSearchTolerance, getSrid, getSridPrecision, getWidth, getWktLocation, getWktMBR, getWktShape, isGeometryExtant, setArea, setGeom, setSearchTolerance, setSridPrecision, setWktLocation, setWktShape
Methods inherited from class com.mizar.persistence.jpa.beans.GenericBean
compareTo, equals, getDELETE, getEDIT, getEntityState, getEntityStateLabel, getLogger, getNEW, getPrimaryKeyValue, getREAD, hashCode, isEditable, isNew, setEditable, setEntityState, toString
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public LocationBean()
Method Detail


public abstract java.lang.Long getLocationId()
In the implementing @Entity class this getter must be associated with the @Id annotation representing the primary key. In other words, any JPA implementing class must use the property Long locationId; as the primary key property. This protocol enables the generic query capability based on primary key, name, and name.

the primary key of the implementing bean


public abstract void setLocationId(java.lang.Long locationId)


public abstract java.lang.Long getType()


public abstract void setType(java.lang.Long type)


public abstract java.lang.String getName()


public abstract void setName(java.lang.String name)