Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String INTERSECTION_PATTERN "( at | and |&|\\+|-|/)"

public static final java.lang.String METHOD_INTERSECTION "INTERSECTION"
public static final java.lang.String METHOD_SITE "SITE"
public static final java.lang.String METHOD_STREET "STREET"

public static final int ROUTE_TYPE_FASTEST 1
public static final int ROUTE_TYPE_SHORTEST 0

public static final int COUNTY 2
public static final java.lang.String INTERSECTION_PATTERN "( at | and |&|\\+|-|/)"
public static final int KEYWORD 9
public static final int NONE 0
public static final int PLACE 5
public static final int STATE 1
public static final int TOWN 3
public static final int UNDEFINED 0
public static final int ZIP 4

public static final int AT 2
public static final int IN 3
public static final int NEAR 1
public static final int UNDEFINED 0
public static final int UNIT_TYPE_FOOT 3
public static final int UNIT_TYPE_KILOMETER 2
public static final int UNIT_TYPE_METER 1
public static final int UNIT_TYPE_MILE 4
public static final int WITHIN 4

public static final java.lang.String ROOT_DIR "/cm02/finished_product/afghanistan"

public static final int ANY 13
public static final int EQUAL 1
public static final int GREATER_THAN 4
public static final int LESS_THAN 8
public static final int NOT 2

public static final long MILLIS_PER_WEEK 604800000L

public static final long BRICK 4L
public static final long BRICK_QUICK 3L
public static final long BRICK_RUSH 2L
public static final long DOWNLOAD 1L
public static final long OTHER 99L

public static final long CANCELLED 90L
public static final long CART_DOWNLOAD 3L
public static final long DENIED 81L
public static final long IMMEDIATE_DOWNLOAD 2L
public static final long IN_PRODUCTION 4L
public static final long OTHER 99L
public static final long RECEIVED 6L
public static final long SHIPPED 5L
public static final long UNAVAILABLE 80L

public static final long ASPECT 13L
public static final long BOX_FILES 40L
public static final long FINISHED_PRODUCT 20L
public static final long GDALDEM_SUITE 19L
public static final long HILLSHADE 10L
public static final long OTHER 99L
public static final long PRINT 1L
public static final long PRINT_ROUTE 3L
public static final long PRINT_SET 2L
public static final long ROUGHNESS 11L
public static final long SLOPE 12L

public static final java.lang.String ACTIVITY_KILLED "Killed"
public static final java.lang.String ACTIVITY_LOGIN "Login"
public static final java.lang.String ACTIVITY_LOGOUT "Logout"
public static final java.lang.String ACTIVITY_TIMEDOUT "Timed out"

protected static final java.lang.String ALL "All Date"
protected static final java.lang.String LAST_30_DAYS "Last 30 Days"
protected static final java.lang.String LAST_6_MONTHS "Last Six Months"
protected static final java.lang.String LAST_7_DAYS "Last 7 Days"
protected static final java.lang.String MONTH_TO_DATE "Month to Date"
protected static final java.lang.String PREVIOUS_MONTH "Previous Month"
protected static final java.lang.String SET_CUSTOM_DATES "Select Dates"
protected static final java.lang.String TODAY "Today"
protected static final java.lang.String YEAR_TO_DATE "Year to Date"
protected static final java.lang.String YESTERDAY "Yesterday"

public static final int APPLICATION 0
public static final int REQUEST 2
public static final int SESSION 1
public static final java.lang.String COMPONENT_FAMILY ""
public static final java.lang.String COMPONENT_TYPE ""
public static final java.lang.String RENDERER_TYPE ""

public static final int ANY 13
public static final int EQUAL 1
public static final int GREATER_THAN 4
public static final int LESS_THAN 8
public static final int NOT 2

public static final double AUTHALIC_RADIUS 6371007.0
public static final double EQUITORIAL_RADIUS 6378137.0
public static final double MEAN_RADIUS 6371009.0
public static final double POLAR_RADIUS 6356752.3

public static final int LEFTSIDE 1
public static final int ONLINE 0
public static final int RIGHTSIDE 2

public static final java.lang.String COLINEAR_LINES "Colinear line segments"
public static final java.lang.String COORDINATE_OUT_OF_RANGE "Coordinate index is out of range of available ordinates array."
public static final java.lang.String DIMENSION_MISMATCH "Dimensions do not match"
public static final java.lang.String IDENTICAL_LINES "Identical line segments"
public static final java.lang.String INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGE "Invalid parameter: index out of range"
public static final java.lang.String INVALID_ARGUMENT "Invalid parameter"
public static final java.lang.String INVALID_DIMENSION "Invalid dimension, only 2 dimensional geometries are supported at this time."
public static final java.lang.String INVALID_ORDINATE_LENGTH "The number of ordinates is not a multiple of the dimension of the Geometry object"
public static final java.lang.String MISSING_PARAMETERS "The Geometry object is missing required parameters."
public static final java.lang.String NO_COINCIDENCE "Geometries are not coincident"
public static final java.lang.String NO_COORDINATES "The Geometry object does not have any coordinates."
public static final java.lang.String NOT_CLOSED "The geometry does not form a closed area."
public static final java.lang.String NOT_ENOUGH_COORDINATES "The Geometry object requires more ordinates than were found."
public static final java.lang.String NOT_ORTHOGONAL "The provided ordinates violate an orthogonality constraint."
public static final java.lang.String NULL_ARGUMENT "Invalid null parameter"
public static final java.lang.String PARALLEL_LINES "Parallel line segments"
public static final java.lang.String POINT_NOT_ON_LINE "The perpendicular from the test point does not fall on the line."
public static final java.lang.String TOO_FEW_COORDINATES "Number of segments is less than one."
public static final java.lang.String TOO_MANY_COORDINATES "Attempt to set more coordinates than meaningful for the Geometry object."
public static final java.lang.String UNMATCHED_DIMENSIONS "The Geometry objects do not have matching dimensions"
public static final java.lang.String UNSUPPORTED_GEOMETRY_TYPE "Unsupported Geometry type."
public static final java.lang.String ZERO_LENGTH_LINE "Zero length line"

protected final int maximumCoordinates 5
protected final int minimumCoordinates 5

public static final int STATUS_DONEGEORASTER 10
public static final int STATUS_INGEORASTER 9
public static final int STATUS_NONE 0
public static final int STATUS_PARTDONEGEORASTER 20
public static final int STATUS_PREGEORASTER 8
public static final int STATUS_PROBLEMS 198
public static final int STATUS_RELOAD 199

public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_DEM_A1 41
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_DEM_A2 42
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_DEM_BARE 40
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_HILLSHADE_COLOR 61
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_HILLSHADE_GRAY 60
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_HILLSHADE_ORTHO 62
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_INT_A1 51
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_INT_A2 52
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_INT_BARE 50
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_ORTHO 30
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_ORTHO_OBLIQUE_EAST 33
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_ORTHO_OBLIQUE_NORTH 31
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_ORTHO_OBLIQUE_SOUTH 32
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_ORTHO_OBLIQUE_WEST 34
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_POLITICAL 2
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_ROAD 1
public static final int BASEMAP_TYPE_UNDEFINED 0

public static final int SHOW_ALL 9
public static final int SHOW_LOTS 7
public static final int SHOW_MORE 4
public static final int SHOW_NONE 0
public static final int SHOW_QUICK 1

public static final int MARKER_CIRCLE 3
public static final int MARKER_POLYGON 1
public static final int MARKER_POLYLINE 2
public static final int MARKER_RECT 4

public static final java.lang.String DS_NOT_SET "Datasource / basemap not set"
public static final java.lang.String MBR_NOT_SET "MBR must be defined before method is called"
public static final java.lang.String WH_NOT_SET "width/height must be defined before method is called"

public static final java.lang.String styleDefault "M.NORTH_ARROW_MED_01"

public static final int COLOR 2
public static final int MARKER 1

public static final int ORAERROR_GEORASTER_OBJECT_NULL 13430
public static final int ORAERROR_GEORASTER_PERMISSION 13464
public static final int ORAERROR_GEOTIFF_LIB_NOT_FOUND 13498
public static final int ORAERROR_MOSAIC_FAILURE 13419
public static final int ORAERROR_TABLE_ALREADY_EXISTS 955
public static final int ORAERROR_TABLE_NOT_FOUND 942

public static final int FT_UNITS 9002
public static final int KM_UNITS 9036
public static final int METER_UNITS 9001
public static final int METRE_UNITS 9001
public static final int MILE_UNITS 9093
public static final int GEOMETRY_DIFFERENT_PATH 1024
public static final int GEOMETRY_DIFFERENT_TYPE 2
public static final int GEOMETRY_ENDPOINTS_DIFFER 256
public static final int GEOMETRY_FEWER_DIMENSIONS 64
public static final int GEOMETRY_FEWER_VERTICES 16
public static final int GEOMETRY_IDENTICAL 0
public static final int GEOMETRY_LONGER 8
public static final int GEOMETRY_MORE_DIMENSIONS 128
public static final int GEOMETRY_MORE_VERTICES 32
public static final int GEOMETRY_NULL_GEOM 65536
public static final int GEOMETRY_SHORTER 4
public static final int GEOMETRY_SIMILAR 1

public static final int OUTPUT_JPEG 0
public static final int OUTPUT_PPM 3
public static final int OUTPUT_TIFF 1

public static final int DBF_MAX_CHAR_WIDTH 254
public static final int DBF_MAX_COLUMN_NAME 10
public static final char DBF_TYPE_CHAR 67
public static final char DBF_TYPE_DATE 68
public static final char DBF_TYPE_LOGICAL 76
public static final char DBF_TYPE_NUMERIC 78
public static final char DBFDescriptionLength 32

protected static final double TOLERANCE 0.01

public static final int ORACLE 1
public static final int POSTGRES 2
public static final int SQLITE 3

public static final int COLORSPACE_Adobe 2
public static final int COLORSPACE_ProPhoto 4
public static final int COLORSPACE_Raw 0
public static final int COLORSPACE_sRGB 1
public static final int COLORSPACE_Wide 3
public static final int COLORSPACE_XYZ 5
public static final int FLIPIMAGE_180 3
public static final int FLIPIMAGE_90CCW 5
public static final int FLIPIMAGE_90CW 9
public static final int FLIPIMAGE_None 0
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_Blend 2
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_Clip 0
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_Rebuild 3
public static final int HIGHLIGHT_Unclip 1

public static final int DELETE 3
public static final int EDIT 2
public static final int NEW 1
public static final int READ 0
protected static final long serialVersionUID 1L

public static final int DBF_MAX_CHAR_WIDTH 255
public static final int DBF_MAX_COLUMN_NAME 10
public static final char DBF_TYPE_CHAR 67
public static final char DBF_TYPE_DATE 68
public static final char DBF_TYPE_LOGICAL 76
public static final char DBF_TYPE_NUMERIC 78
public static final char DBFDescriptionLength 32

public static final java.lang.String JGEOMETRY_DB_TYPE "MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY"

public static final int AND 0
public static final int BEGINS 10
public static final int BETWEEN 7
public static final int BEYOND 8
public static final int CONTAINS 12
public static final int CURRENCY 3
public static final int DATE 4
public static final int ENDS 11
public static final int EQ 1
public static final int FLOAT 2
public static final int GT 5
public static final int GTEQ 6
public static final int IGNORE 0
public static final int LIKE 9
public static final int LIST 5
public static final int LONG 1
public static final int LT 3
public static final int LTEQ 4
public static final int NE 2
public static final int OMITS 13
public static final int OR 1
public static final int STRING 0

public static final int geographicWGS84 8307

public static final int SDO_ANY_INTERACTION 9
public static final int SDO_CONTAINS 1
public static final int SDO_COVEREDBY 3
public static final int SDO_COVERS 4
public static final int SDO_DISJOINT 10
public static final int SDO_EQUALS 5
public static final int SDO_INSIDE 0
public static final int SDO_ON 6
public static final int SDO_OVERLAPBDYDISJOINT 8
public static final int SDO_OVERLAPBDYINTERSECT 7
public static final int SDO_TOUCH 2

public static final int INPUT_ADDRESS 3
public static final int INPUT_LOCATION 2
public static final int PRE_GEOCODED 1

public static final long ROUTE_TYPE_ORDERED 0L
public static final long ROUTE_TYPE_SALESMAN 1L

public static final int COMPAREBY_LABEL 2
public static final int COMPAREBY_ORDER 1
public static final int COMPAREBY_SCALE 3

public static final int AMBIGUITY 2
public static final int FROM_TO 4
public static final int NO 0
public static final int NO_ADDRESSES 1
public static final int TO_FROM 8

public static final int CHOOSE_ONE 1
public static final int PANEL_BOX 0

public static final java.lang.String ADDRESS_PARITY "Odd/Even side error"
public static final java.lang.String ADDRESS_TO_FROM "To/From value error"
public static final java.lang.String ADDRESS_ZERO "Zero value error"
public static final java.lang.String END_POINT_SPLIT ""
public static final java.lang.String INVALID_ADDRESS "Invalid Address"
public static final java.lang.String INVALID_ADDRESSRANGE "Invalid Address Range"
public static final java.lang.String POINT_DOES_NOT_SPLIT ""

public static final int Bessel 5
public static final int FAI_sphere 8
public static final int GRS80 1
public static final int International 3
public static final int Krasovsky 4
public static final int NAD27 2
public static final int NAD83 1
public static final int SPHERE 0
public static final int User 9
public static final int WGS66 7
public static final int WGS72 6
public static final int WGS84 1

public static final int NUMBER_STREET_MODE_ALPHA 3
public static final int NUMBER_STREET_MODE_NONE 0
public static final int NUMBER_STREET_MODE_ORDINAL 2
public static final int NUMBER_STREET_MODE_PLAIN 1
public static final int RESULT_ADDRESS 3
public static final int RESULT_CITY 5
public static final int RESULT_COUNTY 6
public static final int RESULT_NONE 1
public static final int RESULT_PENDING 0
public static final int RESULT_STATE 8
public static final int RESULT_STREET 4
public static final int RESULT_UNIT 2
public static final int RESULT_ZIP 7

public static final int LEFT_HIGH_ADDRESS 1
public static final int LEFT_LOW_ADDRESS 0
public static final int RIGHT_HIGH_ADDRESS 3
public static final int RIGHT_LOW_ADDRESS 2